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The resources below are free to access. They include one sample of each resource type available for this book.

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The Role of the Historian
The Job of the Archaeologist
A Visit to a Historical Repository: GPO Witness History
Chapter Artwork Powerpoints

These Powerpoint slideshows present the artwork from each chapter in Artefact. You may wish to use these on the classroom whiteboard to stimulate discussion.  

 Chapter 1 - The Nature of History - The Historian - Artwork
 Chapter 2 - The Nature of History The Archaeologist - Artwork
 Chapter 3 - Settlement in Ireland Option One - Ancient Ireland - Artwork
 Chapter 4 - Culture and Society in Early Christian Ireland - Artwork
 Chapter 5 - An Ancient Civilisation Rome - Artwork
 Chapter 6 - Life and Death in Medieval Times - Artwork
 Chapter 7 - Settlement in Ireland Option Two Medieval Ireland - Artwork
 Chapter 8 - The Renaissance - Artwork
 Chapter 9 - The Age of Exploration and Conquest - Artwork
 Chapter 10 - The Reformation - Artwork
 Chapter 11 - Settlement in Ireland The Plantations - Artwork
 Chapter 12 - Revolutions Option One The American Revolution - Artwork
 Chapter 13 - Revolutions Option Two The French Revolution - Artwork
 Chapter 14 - Physical Force The 1798 Rebellion - Artwork
 Chapter 15 - Parliamentary Tradition Daniel O’Connell - Artwork
 Chapter 16 - The Great Famine and the Irish Diaspora - Artwork
 Chapter 17 -Ireland 1884–1914 Politics, Culture and Sport - Artwork
 Chapter 18 - Ireland 1916–1923 The Struggle for Independence - Artwork
 Chapter 19 - Ireland during World War II The Emergency - Artwork
 Chapter 20 - An Important Decade Ireland in the 1960s - Artwork
 Chapter 21 - The Troubles in Northern Ireland - Artwork
 Chapter 22 - Women in Twentieth-Century Ireland - Artwork
 Chapter 23 - World War I and its Consequences - Artwork
Chapter Artwork Powerpoints
Topic Powerpoints

These Powerpoint slideshows summarise selected Key Topics from the Artefact textbook. Chapter numbers are given as a guide. 

 Ch 1 The Job of the Historian
 Ch 1 Time and Timelines
 Ch 2 The Job of the Archaeologist
 Ch 2 The Tools of the Archaeologist
 Ch 5 The Legacy of Rome
 Ch 8 Legacy of The Renaissance
 Ch 9 Causes of the Age of Exploration
 Ch 9 Key Voyages of the Age of Exploration
 Ch 9 Results of the Age of Exploration
 Ch 10 Causes of the Reformation
 Ch 10 Results of the Reformation
 Ch 11 Results of the Plantations
 Ch 12 The American Revolution - Causes
 Ch 12 The American Revolution - Course
 Ch 12 The American Revolution - Consequences
 Ch 13 The French Revolution - Causes
 Ch 13 The French Revolution - Course
 Ch 13 The French Revolution - Consequences
 Ch 14 The 1798 Rebellion - Causes
 Ch 14 The 1798 Rebellion - Course
 Ch 14 The 1798 Rebellion - Consequences
 Ch 16 Causes of the Irish Famine
 Ch 16 Results of the Irish Famine
 Ch 17 Home Rule A Divided Culture North and South
 Ch 17 Home Rule North and South The Home Rule Crisis (1912–1914)
 Ch 17 Home Rule Charles Stewart Parnell North and South
 Ch 17 The GAA
 Ch 18 The Easter Rising - why did it happen and why did it fail
 Ch 18 Key Events in the War of Independence
 Ch 18 Key Events in the Irish Civil War
 Ch 19 Life During The Emergency
 Ch 21 Key Events of The Troubles
 Ch 24 Life in Communist Russia - Life in Stalin's Russia
 Ch 24 Life in Communist Russia - Communism and the Bolsheviks Stalin’s Rise to Power
 Ch 25 Life in Hitler's Germany
 Ch 27 Key Events of World War II
 Ch 28 Special Study Genocide - The Holocaust
Topic Powerpoints
Chapter Quizzes
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Sources and Skills Ebook
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