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Are you sick of trawling through your textbook looking for exact answers to past paper questions?
Do you just want to look at an A grade solution written by a teacher so you can see precisely what examiners are looking for?
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EducatePlus.ie exam solutions are available in 9 subjects. They are written by very experienced teachers who have been correcting and analysing state exams and marking schemes for years. They're the last word in exam prep!

  • Crammed with tips on what you should learn
  • Bursting with advice on how to read and approach questions
  • Filled with cold, hard facts direct from the syllabus - no extra waffle!
  • Available online so you can log in and access them wherever you are, 24/7.
  • The difference between endless study and smart study!

The grid below lists each subject and what's available. Each subject is €1.50 but we offer a bundle for €10 which includes ALL SUBJECTS so check out all the buying options here.
Please note that if you purchase a subject and we are still adding solution papers, these will be added to your account automatically as soon as they become available.

If you'd like to try before you buy, register a free account and visit the Exam Paper Solutions area on your Dashboard. Then, choose a subject and click the 'Samples' button to see an example of our solutions.

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